Why Start Your Career As A Computer Systems Technician?

Why Start Your Career As A Computer Systems Technician?

Aug 16, 2021 | BizTalk, Technology

Why Start Your Career As A Computer Systems Technician?

Are Computer Systems Technicians In Demand In Canada?

Computer systems technician, also referred to as computer support specialist oversees the operations of an organization’s IT network, operating systems, hardware and software. Technological advancements and the complexity of IT infrastructure in the last decade has led to an increased demand for computer systems technicians. It was predicted that the computer repair technician job market is expected to grow by 11.3% between 2016 and 2026. From the physical peripheral model to a single touch screen and now to the cloud, computer systems have seen a massive shift.

Why Are Computer Systems Technicians In Demand?

Computers are everywhere, therefore, there is an ever-increasing need for skilled computer repair technicians to help customers install hardware and software, diagnose problems, repair corrupted computers and source data.

Knowing how critical computers are to business and consumers, because of the vast number of computers in use, and because many users lack the technical knowledge required to diagnose and repair computer problems on their own, demand for computer repair technicians is expected to remain healthy.

What Career Opportunities Are Available For Computer System Technicians In Canada?

A post-secondary diploma in computer systems technology can open up varied career options for you. Some of the critical roles computer system technicians can explore are:

  • Technical system analyst
  • Computer support specialist
  • Network systems administrator
  • Technology infrastructure analyst

According to PayScale, computer systems technicians/specialists with less than a year of experience can expect to earn an average of C$47,000 annually. 

What are the educational Requirements for Computer Service Technicians?

The education requirements for computer systems technicians may vary, but post-secondary education is required by most employers. Certifications related to the field are a must and gives you an edge during the recruitment process. 

  • Post-secondary credentials

Technology is a passion for many, however, formal training in computer systems technology is required. Our diploma programs cover basics such as operating systems, hardware, software and administration. Advanced and complex concepts such as networking, routing, wireless and cloud are also taught. 

  • Industry certifications

Consider obtaining valid certifications by hardware and software vendors, such as Cisco and Microsoft. These certifications are highly valued and ensure that candidate has the required skills to manage computer systems.

What Are The Key Responsibilities Of A Computer Systems Technician?

Apart from being well-versed in computer systems and network functions, an ideal candidate will possess effective communication and problem-solving skills. Technical responsibilities include:

  • Setup hardware, install software and configure software and drivers.
  • Install and configure well-functioning LAN/WAN and other networks and manage servers. 
  • Perform regular updates and ensure systems are working smoothly.
  • Manage network and computer security to maintain privacy and potential threats.
  • Troubleshoot system errors and failures for smooth functioning
  • Regular upgrades to ensure systems remain updated.
  • Arrange maintenance sessions and keep records of fixes for future reference. 
  • Provide consistent access and services to users and clients, educate as needed. 

How To Become A Computer Systems Technician In Ontario?

Computer systems technology is an exciting career path to start your IT career. You gain knowledge of operating systems, software and hardware, networking, servers and security. Which opens up pathways to pursue specializations in any of the domains mentioned above. 

To become a computer systems technician in Ontario, BizTech College offers 44 weeks Computer Systems Technology diploma that focuses on in-depth knowledge of all computer systems aspects. Hands-on training and project-based learning give students much-required experience, which is preferred by employers. The program also incorporates preparation for industry certifications such as – Linux, ITIL Foundation and CompTIA. BizTech College also offers free first-attempt vouchers for relevant certifications.

Contact the admissions desk to kickstart your career as a computer systems technician in Canada.

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