Administrative Assistant Careers You Can Explore in 2021 & Beyond

Administrative Assistant Careers You Can Explore in 2021 & Beyond

Oct 18, 2021 | BizTalk, administrative assistant, Business

Administrative Assistant Careers You Can Explore in 2021 & Beyond

As digital transformation takes over the business world, administrative assistant careers have expanded from traditional roles and demand for professional office administrators’ is rapidly increasing.

Administrative assistants are an integral part of assisting day-to-day operations, dealing with the public and the team, and supporting senior management. Currently, the Government of Canada Job Bank has 1875 listings for administrative assistant jobs.   

This post will explore various administrative assistant careers, what job responsibilities they entail, and the average salary for each position in Ontario.   

We will also cover training requirements to succeed in various administrative assistant careers and what qualities employers look for during hiring. Let’s get started.  

4 In-Demand Administrative Assistant Careers  

#1 – Virtual Assistant  

One of the most in-demand roles, virtual administrative assistants, perform the same tasks as other office assistants, such as answering calls, emails, scheduling meetings, documentation, etc. The only difference is that you will be working remotely.  

Virtual assistants usually have flexible work hours and can be hired project-based. Benefits of being a virtual assistant:  

  • Ability to work from anywhere.  
  • Flexible hours.  
  • Earn more; you can work part-time with various organizations.  
  • Global experience – you can work for companies around the world.   
  • Versatile expertise – you may do a variety of tasks for different clients.  

Job responsibilities of virtual office assistants include:   

  • Organizing incoming mail and responding to email requests  
  • Providing basic customer service online or by phone  
  • Booking appointments, transportation, and accommodation for employers  
  • Updating social media and website content   
  • Creating and editing documents, reports, presentations  

The salary range for virtual administrative assistants in Canada: $42,000 – $60,000/year, and the average hourly rate is $20/hour (Source: PayScale.com)  

#2 – Receptionist  

The initial point of contact for an organization; receptionists greet customers, answer phones, handle general questions and concerns, and manage appointments.   

As you’ll be working in a customer service role, a friendly and professional attitude is vital for the job.   

Job responsibilities of a receptionist vary on the industry you are working in, but there are everyday tasks across which includes:  

  • Greeting and directing guests/visitors  
  • Coordinating and managing bookings for meetings  
  • Receiving and distributing mails  
  • Responding to electronic or physical mail  
  • Updating, working files, and databases  
  • Taking and managing payments as directed  

Receptionists (NOC 1414) usually earn between $14.35/hour and $25.26/hour in Ontario (Source: jobbank.gc.ca)  

#3 – Administrative Assistant  

As an administrative assistant, one wears various work hats, from handling day-to-day operations to maintaining office systems and records.   

You will be assisting various departments such as human resources, accounting, marketing, and more, exposing you to multiple domains.   

Job responsibilities of administrative assistant include the following but are not restricted to:  

  • Scheduling meetings and appointments  
  • Answering calls and managing requests  
  • Preparing presentations  
  • Typing documents, reports, memos, and letters  
  • Ordering office supplies  
  • Organizing files and managing databases  
  • Recording sessions and distributing meeting minutes  
  • Coordinating travel and accommodations for supervisors  
  • Organize and manage office events  

Administrative assistants (NOC 1241) usually earn between $15.00/hour and $33.80/hour in Ontario. (Source: jobbank.gc.ca)  

#4 – Office Manager  

Office managers oversee and implement office procedures, analyze administrative operations, and coordinate office space, supplies, and security services.   

Apart from ensuring the smooth running of an office on a day-to-day basis, they may manage a support or administrative staff team.   

Job responsibilities of an office manager include the following but are not restricted to:  

  • Oversee, implement and review administrative procedures and make changes as necessary.  
  • Establish work priorities, delegate, and ensure procedures are met.   
  • Setup and administer procedures related to the release of records as per compliance.  
  • Coordinate and plan for accommodation, equipment, supplies, forms, disposal of assets, maintenance, and security services.  
  • Analyze and manage office operations related to budgeting, contracting, and project planning.  
  • Manage data, prepare special reports, manuals, and correspondence.   

Office managers usually earn between $17.00/hour and $38.67/hour in Canada. (Source: jobbank.gc.ca)  

Where do your administrative assistants work?  

Administrative assistants or office administrators are pretty much in demand across all sectors and all industries. Employers include:  

  1. Government agencies  
  1. Small-to-medium sized businesses  
  1. Education institutions  
  1. Banks and other financial institutions  
  1. Healthcare companies  
  1. Multinational companies  

Training requirements for success in administrative assistant careers?  

Administrative assistants play an integral role in any organization, and the skills required may vary from interpersonal skills to technical skills.   

good administrative assistant training program must include hands-on training in the following areas:  

  • Verbal and written communication – Professional  
  • MS Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access  
  • Information Filing Systems  
  • Cloud-Based Team Software  
  • Office Procedures  
  • Bookkeeping  
  • Customer Service  

Must have skills for administrative assistants  

Administrative assistant skills are not only limited to organizing and effectively managing a workplace. They often must work with various teams and are the crucial point of contact and should possess the following skills to keep everything in balance:  

  • Professional Communication – Verbal & Written  
  • Organization  
  • Time Management  
  • Attention to detail  
  • Creative problem-solving   
  • Up-to-date with the latest technology related to office management  
  • Ability to work autonomously  


Our 26 weeks (about six months) administrative assistant diploma program prepares students for varied careers. Students learn from MS Office to general bookkeeping to event management to succeed in any professional setting.  

From placement assistance to lifelong career support, our students also go through a uniquely designed Client Readiness Program (CRP) that grooms students to perform up to the expectations of employers and lead a successful career.  

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