Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 

Mar 29, 2021 | BizTalk

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 

Job Markets have taken a negative fall due to Covid – 19 and the many job holders are forced to rethink their careers and how it will continue to grow. However, many sectors have seen massive transformations in the employment landscape, and new opportunities have arisen.   

LinkedIn’s new report has revealed data for in-demand jobs in 2021 and what skills are needed for each position. It also emphasizes where the opportunity is right now, instead of emerging trends.   

Digital Marketing, UX design, content creation and e-commerce is among the fastest-growing jobs. However, many traditional jobs which have gone remote has made a list also.   

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021  

The on-the-rise jobs has seen highest year-over-year growth between April and October 2020 and capture a range of services and job titles.   

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 
Health Care Supporting Staff  

Health Care Supporting Staff

The hiring for these position in the last two years has increased by 34% and will continue to grow due to the aging population and increased demand for support staff.  

Common Job Titles: Nursing Assistants, Medical Lab Technicians, Personal Support Workers, Home Health Aide, Medical Office Assistants and Therapy Assistants.   

Skills: Medical Terminology, Patient Education, Data Entry, Patient Safety, Compliance & Interpersonal Skills  

Education: 83% of hires have a diploma, bachelor’s degree or higher.  

Salary Range: $35,000 – $ 72,800 (yearly)  

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Professionals  

The digital transformation has seen a significant increase in 2020, and it is here to stay. More and more businesses are now relying on digital sales and establishing businesses online. The hiring of digital marketing professionals went up 33% in the last two years.   

Common Job Titles: Digital marketing professionals and specialists, Social Media Manager, Search Marketing Specialists, Content Managers, Marketing representatives.   

Skills: Digital Strategy, PPC, SEO, Content Creation, Product Marketing, Brand Management  

Education: 94% of hires have a bachelor’s degree and a professional certification in the related field.   

Salary Range: The average digital marketing salary in Canada is $58,444 per year. The salary range is from $35,843 – $85,000 per year.  

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 
Human Resource Professional

Human Resource and Recruitment Officers  

Human resource professionals play an essential role in filling the positions with candidates that come with matching skills and ensure companies retain them.   

Common Job Titles: Human Resource Administrator, Assistant HR Manager, Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Manager, Employee Benefits Manager, Employee Relations Manager, Diversity Manager/coordinator.  

Skills: Effective Communication, Human Resource Management and Information Systems Knowledge, Proactivity, Coaching, Recruitment, Intercultural Sensitivity, Analytical and Reporting Skills.   

Education: 90% of hires have an associate degree, bachelor’s or higher.   

Salary Range: $ 35,979 – $95,000 (yearly). The average salary for professionals in human resources is $60,200/year.  

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 
Frontline Workers – Drivers

Frontline Ecommerce Workers  

According to Randstad’s annual list of the most in-demand jobs for 2021, frontline eCommerce workers will be on the rise. Over 400,000 jobs are available right now.  

Common Job titles: Retail workers, customer service representatives, drivers, supply chain associate, package handlers and personal shoppers.   

Skills: Communication skills, Time Management, Sales, Technology Savvy, Confidence, Patience, Adaptability and Positive Attitude.  

Education: 75% of hires have a college diploma or bachelor’s degree.  

Salary Range: The average wage for frontline eCommerce workers is $42,000/year. The salary range is $38,000/year – $60,000/year.

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 
Healthcare Staff – Nurses


Canada is facing a shortage of nurses and has seen a 17.5% surge in hiring in 2020.  

Job Titles: Registered Nurse, Licensed Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Intensive Care Nurse, Nurse Practitioner  

Skills: Time Management, Clinical Skills, Communication, Flexibility.   

Education: To become a nurse in Canada, one must complete a bachelor’s degree and be licensed by the provincial authority.   

Salary Range: The salary range is $65,000 – $111,000/ year.

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 
Teaching Assistants

Education Professionals  

The education sector has seen a drastic change in delivery in 2020. In addition to primary and secondary teachers, the demand for tutors and support workers has grown by 20% between 2019 and 2020.  

Common Job Titles: Curriculum developer, teaching assistant, elementary school teacher, tutors.  

Skills: Time management. Lesson planning, Instructional Design, Technology  

Education: 97% of hires have a bachelor’s degree or higher and a relevant certificate.  

Salary Range: The salary range for education professionals is $46,500 – $63,200 yearly.

Top 7 In-Demand Jobs in 2021 & Beyond 
Life Coach

Professional and Personal Coaches  

The events of the year 2020 have caused many people to reevaluate their careers and lives. Professionals who can help them steer through the rough patch in trade or business has become popular. The hiring of personal and professional coaches has increased more than 51% since 2019.   

Common Titles: Life Coach, Career Coordinator, Business Coach.   

Skills: Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Management.   

Education: 92% of hires have a bachelor’s degree and a relevant certification and experience in the field.   

Salary Range: The average salary for a life coach in Canada is $46,430. The range is $30,584 – $70,275 yearly.   

Other In-demand jobs in 2021  

Apart from the jobs mentioned above, information technology professionals such as cloud computing, data science, and artificial intelligence have seen a surge of 25% to 46% between 2019 and 2020.   

User experience specialist hiring has seen a surge of 20% between 2019 and 2020 and a salary range of $80,000 – $103,000 yearly.  

It Can be a Rewarding Career Change

If you think it is the right time to change your career direction and get certified in the in-demand jobs, talk to our experts.   

Our career advisors will listen to you and create a personalized plan to help you decide which career to pursue, which will offer good pay, job satisfaction and utilize your existing skills to the fullest. College also provides varied financial aid options that will help you put on track to a successful career. Contact us.

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