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As a leading career college in Mississauga, we strive to continuously foster a learning environment that puts student success first, always. Accelerated diploma and certificate programs put you on the right track to launching a successful career, in your chosen field.

By offering comprehensive and intensive, hands-on career focused training, our goal is to close the gap between what students are learning and the skill-sets employers expect. The BizTech journey can be experienced in any one our certificate or diploma programs, offered in Business and Accounting, Health Sciences and Information Technology.

As you come to BizTech College, prepare to transform your future, and build your career, your way!

Our Mission
BizTech College is committed to providing the highest standard of career-focused education; accessible in accelerated, well-structured programs. Our mandate is to assist you, as you prepare to confidently set out and succeed in a dynamic employment arena.

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Dear Students,
We are happy and excited to welcome you into the BizTech College community! On behalf of everyone at the college, we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your educational journey.

The first step towards a career you love is the right education, and no one understands that better than us!

BizTech College will help you build a clear pathway to a successful career, within the competitive global marketplace. The skills you gain here will not only prepare you for today’s career market, but for the challenges of tomorrow.

We look forward to building lasting relationships with each and every one of our students. By offering unmatched, lifelong guaranteed career services, our goal is to ensure, upon graduating from BizTech College, you are prepared to meet any employer’s requirements and expectations.

We proudly consider ourselves a one-stop destination for anyone seeking to enter an exciting, new career. Our comprehensive curriculums, hands-on training and on-going student support prepare students to upgrade their skill-set or enter the employment arena for the first time.

We welcome you, as you take the first step in your career journey, to take control of your future, and build possibilities through education.

Look to the team of instructors, administrative staff and career counselors behind you for support at any time; we hope to be a constant resource as you continue down this exciting new path.

We wish you the greatest success!

BizTech College Management Team

BizTech College has always operated on a passion for student success, which inspires us to continuously strive to offer the highest caliber, most relevant hands-on career training, to help students grow the leadership and initiative employers are looking for.

BizTech began when our founders, Harpal and Pamela Dharna, noticed a gap between the knowledge and skills students were being taught in public colleges versus the skills employers actually need from their employees.  

Asking the question that would eventually spark the advent of BizTech College, Mr. and Mrs. Dharna thought to themselves, “what if we could bridge the skills gap between students and employers?”

BizTech began by first offering programs in business and accounting, before expanding into information and technology and health science programs soon after.

As a leading career college in Mississauga, we strive to provide students with the well-rounded skill-sets and knowledge employers want, while also helping students develop their professional personas.

The ability to conduct yourself as a professional is every bit as important as the abilities required to perform a job, BizTech College students receive both!

In 2007 BizTech College was founded to create a workforce of highly skilled employees, who have the skills employers really want. We were pleased to welcome our very first students into business and accounting classes, and later opened both Health Science and Information Technology faculties, as the college continued to grow leaps and bounds.

As our health science faculty has grown we have made affiliations with Caribbean medical schools to better serve our pre-medical students, while becoming one of the very few colleges in Ontario to offer a Cardiovascular Sonography Technologist program. We have seen our Primary Care Paramedic program grow and quickly become one of the top choices for many students.

The Information Technology faculty has made and maintained lasting partnerships with CISCO, Microsoft and other industry leaders, to bring students the best education possible.

Just like when we started, our Business and Accounting programs have continued to attract students and industry experts alike.

In 2018 we were happy to welcome our largest student body yet!

Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

On your search for the best college, don’t forget about the many advantages of attending a private college. At BizTech College, our accelerated and comprehensive programs offer the following advantages:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Skill-focused learning
  • Affordable programs
  • Start working from the first day of school
  • Monthly start dates
  • Possibilities of payment plans and scholarships