5 Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants (MA’s) are the face of healthcare and make sure clinics and medical units run smoothly. They have to manage both administrative and clinical roles, which offers a great platform to build a career in the healthcare sector.

From answering phones, scheduling appointments to taking patient’s vital signs, MA’s work through busy schedules. What are the key responsibilities of a Medical Assistant?

Medical office administrators are face of healthcare facility and has responsibility to manage over all medical office. Some of the job duties include:

  • Greeting patients in-person or on telephone.
  • Verify patient information, recording medical history and appointment details confirmation.
  • Accompanying them to designated room for the appointment and getting patient ready.
  • Take blood pressure, weight and temperature.
  • Maintain patient confidence and securing medical history of the patient.
  • Educate patients regarding medication and diet information and answering related questions.
  • Maintain safe and healthy work environment by following established standards and procedures.
  • Update billing records of services rendered, completing insurance forms and responding to any third-party queries.
  • Work in coordination with the physician or healthcare provider
  • Adhering to professionals standards, policies and procedures as per federal, state and local requirements.
  • Regularly update knowledge by participating in educational seminars and maintaining professional networks.

Whether you are starting your career in healthcare or looking for a job that offers work-life balance, becoming a medical assistant has its advantages.

Planning a career as a medical assistant? Here are some great benefits that will make this career more appealing.


Path to becoming a medical assistant is short

Some healthcare-related courses can take several years, however earning a medical assistant credential is shorter. The medical office administration program at BizTech College can be completed in less than 7 months, along with a clinical experience that prepares for the job.

Work in a variety of locations

MA’s work in a variety of healthcare settings – Hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and many other healthcare facilities. Along with administrative work, medical assistants also perform clinical duties in smaller facilities.

The growing demand for medical assistants

According to Job Bank Canada, the employment outlook for MA’s will be good in Ontario for the 2019-2021 period. Employment growth will lead to several new positions. The increase in demand is attributed to an aging population, and the versatile skill set of medical assistants is in-demand.

You’ll work in a team

Medical assistants are an essential part of the healthcare system and work alongside nurses, doctors, physicians, and practitioners. As the face of any healthcare facility, people will rely on you for necessary documentation and patient records.

Career advancement

MA’s are trained professionals, and along with technical skills, they have required soft skills to excel at their job. These transferable skills are useful in any profession. Technical skills such as performing EKGs and drawing blood can also help to advance a career in a clinical setting.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, MA’s also enjoy professional stability and work and life balance. If these benefits get you excited, it may be the right professional choice for you. 

Want to know more? Read about the traits of a successful medical office administrator at BizTalk.

Medical Assistant checking blood pressure
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